Written by: Tina Powell, CPA

According to Allan Koltin, CPA in a recent article in the June 2013 Journal of Accountancy, there are

10 C’s of Great Leaders.

  1. Competitive Spirit – start every day with a “will win” attitude.  It’s contagious!
  2. Clutter – recognize that there are administrative tasks that will clutter up your day.  Delegate them to others so that you can focus on the most important issues.
  3. Cohesiveness – get everyone on the same page so that you are all working toward the same goal.
  4. Candidness – be open and up front with constructive criticism
  5. Crystal Clear Vision – great leaders live and breathe their vision well beyond the strategic plan itself.
  6. Curious – be a good listener and ask questions about how others are doing things that you do.
  7. Contagious Enthusiasm – rally the troops!  Share in the successes. You need to know what motivates your employees: words of encouragement, time off, little perks, compensation.
  8. Crazy – be an innovator not a follower.  People may think you are crazy for not following the norm, but if you have a passionate belief in what you want to achieve then you will go out and do it.
  9. Change – if you are passionate and believe in your vision, you can change the beliefs of your partners and/or staff.  Apply candidness to tell them “here is where you performed today,” “here is where you need to go,” and “here is what you can become.”
  10. Communication – a great leader communicates their vision and everyone knows where the company is headed and what their part is in helping to get it there.