With the economy the way it is lately, it is getting harder for teenagers to find good summer jobs.  The typical fast food chain job are now going to adults in need of work.  Here are a few alternatives if your child is thinking they need some summer income.

  1. Caddie – while they need to be a little savy for this position, if your child is a golfer and a good communicator, this job may suit them just fine.
  2. Baby Sitter – depending on your location, baby sitters can bring in some cash during the summer.  Must be patient and good with kids though!
  3. Lifeguard – would need CPR and basic first aid training and may have to take a swim test, but it’s worth it to sit on the beach all day right?
  4. Pet Sitter – some people’s pets are their children so they need sitters too!
  5. Retail – if your child likes to shop, why not work where they shop?  Will teach them good communication and trouble shooting skills as well.
  6. Crafting – make your own jewelry for example – pay for a booth at a craft fair for better opportunities.

There are many options out there…just have to be creative and be willing to try new things!