Written by: Annette Clark, CPA

Having just returned from Israel and in particular Bethlehem, I have a new sense of freedom and respect for our country and the privileges we have.  I can get in my car and drive most anywhere I want. A policeman I may see on the road, but only if I am speeding do I think twice. In Israel you see military presence in most areas. I saw the most in Bethlehem, which is a town of about 6 square miles, enclosed by a 2 story cement wall with one guarded gate restricting/regulating entrance and exit. Americans with a valid passport are allowed to come in and spend their money, but they still can stop you to make sure you aren’t smuggling out someone when you leave. If you are one of the lucky residents you can pass through with only the inconvenience of waiting your turn. If you are a Christian you aren’t allowed to leave those walls. Imagine spending your whole life in that limited space with someone watching over you.

We can complain, and we do, about our government, taxes, our job, our neighbors, the traffic, etc., without any thought of being reprimanded.  Let me suggest that next time you start to complain, think of those in other countries that can’t, without the thought of imprisonment. Then do something constructive about the situation in question and be grateful that you can do both, complain and act.