The IRS has recently rolled out a new tool for individual taxpayers. The personal account tool will allow you to view your personal tax information including current payoff amount, the balance for each tax year for which you owe, two years of payment history, and other current, relevant tax information. The account is free to set up and should only take a few minutes to do so.

To set up the account, click the link below and then the “Create or view your account” link on the IRS webpage. The on-screen prompts are easy to follow. The IRS provides a list of information that is necessary to setup a new account.

• Full name
• Email (a registration code will be sent to the email address that is entered)
• Date of birth
• Social Security Number or Individual Tax Identification Number
• Tax filing status
• Current address
• Phone number (U.S.)
• Account number from one financial institution

The various items above will be requested based on the prompts.

The last item in the list, is required in order to verify an individual’s identity. A credit card number, student loan, mortgage, home equity loan, or auto loan will be sufficient. The IRS will not charge any fees on the account provided and will not view account balances or other information.
Like many banking institutions, the IRS utilizes a two-step verification process. This is an additional layer of protection for taxpayer’s information. Each time a taxpayer logs in, a six-digit pin will be sent to the phone number on record.

Records are normally updated overnight. Payments, however, may take one to three weeks to appear.

If a personal account with the IRS is not possible, or the taxpayer is not an individual, there are alternative methods of determining how much is owed. Form 4506-T (Request for Transcript of Tax Return) can be filed to obtain a transcript for an entity filing a form other than a 1040. Individuals can also request a tax return transcript via mail or the IRS website here.

This link is for a tax return transcript.

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