News today about the Japan earthquake may be of interest to our auto dealership customers: How the Japan Earthquake is Affecting Auto Makers in terms of lost production and slow downs for Toyoa, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, and Fuji.

March 23 (Reuters) – Following is a roundup of the impact of this month’s earthquake and tsunami on Japanese manufacturers of cars and electronics.

Plant shutdowns in Japan threaten supplies to manufacturers across the globe of items from semiconductors to car parts.

Japanese companies are not only reeling from damage to factories and suppliers in quake-hit northeastern Japan but also suffering from fuel shortages nationwide and power outages in the Tokyo area that are affecting production, distribution and the ability of staff to reach workplaces.


* Toyota Motor Co has halted operations at its 12 main assembly plants in Japan until at least Saturday, which will result in lost production of 140,000 vehicles. It will also delay the launch of the Prius wagon and minivan models in Japan from the original plan for the end of April. On Monday the firm began making car parts at plants near its base in Toyota City, central Japan, for overseas assembly facilities. It resumed making parts for service centres to repair vehicles already on the road last week.

* Honda Motor Co has extended its production halt in Japan to March 27. On Monday, Honda said one-fifth of its Japan-based Tier 1 suppliers affected by the earthquake had said it would take more than a week to recover. Honda made 69,170 cars in January in Japan, accounting for around a quarter of its production.

* Mazda Motor Corp has not set a time for resumption of full-scale production at its Hiroshima and Yamaguchi plants, but resumed limited operations on Tuesday to produce vehicle repair parts, vehicle parts to be shipped to overseas plants and semi-finished goods.

* Suzuki Motor Corp said its three car assembly factories in Japan will remain closed on Thursday and Friday, but the firm will operate an engine factory on those two days using parts in inventory. The firm has not decided on production plans for next week and beyond.

* Fuji Heavy Industries Co said all five of the car and parts-related plants for its Subaru-brand vehicles in Gunma prefecture, north of Tokyo, will be shut at least until Thursday. Production of vehicle parts to be shipped to overseas manufacturing plants started on Wednesday and production of vehicle repair parts is scheduled to start on Thursday.

Read more if interested in how the earthquake has also affected Electronics Makers

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