The Michigan Tax Amnesty program provides a 45-day window for taxpayers to settle tax liabilities with the State, for return periods ending on or before December 31, 2009 and avoid penalty payments.  Qualifying taxpayers also avoid civil and criminal penalties and prosecution by the Michigan Depatment of Treasury.

Tax Amnesty is available for individual or business taxpayers who have tax liabilities for eligible taxes for return periods ending on or before December 31, 2009. This includes:

  • Underreported tax liabilities
  • Non-reported tax liabilities
  • Overstated deductions, credits, or exemptions
  • Failure to file Michigan tax returns
  • Delinquent payment of past due taxes
  • Taxpayers who have received a final tax due notice

Individuals and business taxpayers are not eligible for Tax Amnesty if they are:

  • The subject of a current tax-related Court of Claims case or criminal investigation
  • Eligible to enter into a Voluntary Disclosure agreement with the State

Qualifying taxes and interest, which are paid under the Tax Amnesty program, will have penalty waived, and the Department will not pursue criminal prosecution relating to taxes paid under Tax Amnesty.

 A taxpayer who is eligible for Tax Amnesty and who does NOT apply for Tax Amnesty during the Tax Amnesty period is liable for any tax, accumulated interest, and penalty due. Civil penalties will not be waived and criminal prosecution may be sought.

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