Written by: Annette Clark, CPA

Something I find quite useful when using Excel is the “Quick Access Toolbar” (Exhibit #1).  I have put the commands that I use regularly there to give me “quick access”.  Here is how to set yours up. Go to File, Options, Quick Access Toolbar – you will come to a screen similar to Exhibit #2. You can “add” or “remove” commands as you desire. You can also put them in the order you’d like by highlighting the command in the right hand box and using the arrows to move it up or down in the list. Exhibit #1 shows my “Quick Access Toolbar” and Exhibit #2 shows the command setup to get it.  There is also a box at the bottom to check to see the toolbar below the command ribbon (like exhibit #1). It will automatically show up above the command ribbon unless you mark this box.  Hit the “Ok” button when you are done.

Microsoft Word also has the “Quick Access Toolbar” and you use the same process to modify it to your needs.

I hope this makes you more efficient.

Exhibit #1 – Quick Access Toolbar – located above the cell block indicator

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Exhibit #2 – Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

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