Written by: Annette Clark, CPA

As an employer, when you hire new employees each is given numerous forms to complete for payroll purposes. One of which is the I-9 Form.  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently issued a new and revised Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification that employers must use to verify employees eligibility for employment in the United States.  Employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for every employee hired. The I-9 Form has been reformatted and expanded from one page to two and includes additional data fields.

There is no fee for completing Form I-9. This form is not filed with USCIS or any government agency. Form I-9 must be retained by the employer and made available for inspection by U.S. Government officials as specified in the USCIS Privacy Act Statement.

You can get the new form by calling our office or going to the USCIS website listed below.  As of May 7, 2013 the old form is no longer valid, so you need to update your new hire packets with this new form.