Value is often over or underestimated, depending on which side of the transaction you are on. Whether due to litigation, business acquisitions/sales, estate planning, or other circumstances, the determination of value is paramount. Significant economic impact to you and your financial well-being may depend on an expert’s conclusion of value.

There are many reasons for valuations such as:

• Estate Planning

• Succession & Transition Planning

• Buy-Sell Agreements

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• LLC and FLP Interest

• Dissenting Shareholder Actions


• Economic Damages

• Bankruptcy/Insolvency

• Divorce Disputes

• Adequacy of Life Insurance

• Gift Taxes

Our Services Include:

• Business Valuations

‐ Summary Analysis for Internal Use

‐ Fully Documented

• Litigation Support

• Expert Testimony

• Intangible Property Value Determinations

• Forensic Consulting

Our certified business valuation professionals will render an opinion of value based on proven methods. We have clearly communicated value in the courtroom and boardroom for over 25 years for a wide variety of businesses as well as individuals.

Contact us for any valuation need you may have.